How It Started

Focus Shift Films was established in 2015 as a platform for telling digital stories with new voices and challenging the status quo. The company was set up by Daniel J. Harris as a vehicle for developing his own projects, paid work and projects from those of his fellow filmmakers struggling to find opportunities in a fiercely competitive industry. Daniel began his filmmaking career at The International Film School Wales before studying for an MA in Screenwriting for Film and TV at Royal Holloway, University of London. Daniel loves travelling, loves tea, but hates coffee.

How It’s Going

As the company has evolved Daniel has found new ways to develop and deliver projects, explored alternative routes to market and find opportunities whilst remaining true to his and the companies working class routes. As a company Focus Shift Films has moved from making corporate content and short form to developing innovative and engaging content for niche or specialist audiences that pushes to break into the mainstream. Focus Shift Films actively searches for new voices from marginalized people or working class backgrounds to provide opportunities that are difficult to find without access and connections. Focus Shift Films now works with filmmakers, partners and organizations across the UK and beyond, as well as branching out into innovative technology that engages with audiences in new ways.

New Voices

Focus Shift Films actively searches for diverse talent and stories. We have an open door policy to ideas and talent, and we are happy to discuss ideas, opportunities and how we can help. If the project isn’t for us we are happy to make introductions to others or to provide feedback. For ideas that we want to progress with we will provide support through helping to develop ideas, develop pitch decks and promotional material, pitch to broadcasters and commissioners, as well as produce and deliver engaging stories to the marketplace through digital, film and TV. In doing so we can tap into global audiences through digital platforms and create commercially successful projects previously thought to be difficult to deliver.

The story and the subject are key!

We are searching for subject based films that do not rely on big named talent, but speak to audiences because they tackle key subjects or provide alternative perspectives to otherwise familiar narratives. These films can be made with cost-efficient budgets, but find commercial success because they rely on the audience being interested in the subject matter rather than the size of the budget or star power. Even our more mainstream ideas will be delivering stories that deal with a range of subjects around furthering social change and challenging social injustices.


Focus Shift Films has always been at the forefront of digital content and has taken a keen interest in developing digital technologies and platforms. As a company we have embraced the digital world and have found great success delivering content on digital platforms or using social media to build audiences and increase project visibility. As the world has become more and more connected through digital technology the possibilities and opportunities for filmmakers to reach audiences with their content has grown immensely. We always look to use our skills and experience in digital content and marketing to ensure that our projects have the greatest chance of reaching their audience.

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