Pete Akinwunmi ‘A Nation Holds Its Breath Again’

FSF have helped this Welsh poet to bring his words to life through video and a strong social media campaign. Encapsulating how it feels to be Welsh on international rugby day the poem and video shares the nations pride in their rugby team. This project has been shared through Wales Online over 1,500 time and the video had over 18,000 views on YouTube in only 6 weeks.

The social media campaign reached over 35,000 people through Facebook and was retweeted by BBC’s Scrum V show, current and former Welsh rugby players and other notable Welsh personalities. The campaign took advantage of the national pride and press surrounding the 2016 RBC 6 Nations Championship and reached it’s target audience.

The track was played on Heart Wales FM and was also released on iTunes with all proceeds being donated towards two charities – Barnardo’s and Everyone’s Child Romania.


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