AVERYFINEPERSON is an exciting and hard hitting feature film from writer and director Kodjo Tsakpo. FSF have been developing this script and project over the last 3 years and we now have interest from a major broadcaster and fund.

PREMISE: After attending a neo-Nazi event in the hopes of gaining the attention of a girl from school, the shy and unassuming Ellie (17) soon becomes engaged with the far right ethos. When Ellie gets attacked by black teenagers, yet saved by Imani (27), a young black woman, at an anti-Nazi vigil, Ellie enwraps herself further to the extreme right until hers and Imani’s lives become entangled. Can Ellie reconcile her feelings or will hatred poison her for good?


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Sam & Sean

Sam & Sean is a hard-hitting story about mental health, friendship, and the working class struggles of trying to make something of your life from a fantastic young writer called Artour Amirkhanov.

PREMISE: SAM is on the verge of suicide. Where did it all go wrong? Was it his drug issues? His estrangement from


Walnut is the story of a mid-life crisis that leads to the discovery of one’s true self after years of hiding it. From the imagination of the writer, Jodie Ashdown, comes this amazing story. Jodie and director, Amy Coop, make a fantastic team and have developed a great script.

PREMISE: A cancer-stricken trans woman forces a reluctant menopausal divorcee to face an uncomfortable truth that


TOSH is the story of John Toshack’s time as Swansea City manager from 1978-1982 as he took them from the 4th to the 1st Division in this Roy of the Rovers story. With support from John Toshack himself, his players, staff, and other notable names who followed that journey, including Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Sheen, John BIshop, Peter Hooton, Elis James, and Kevin Allen.

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