Focus Shift Films has recently been working with TV director Hefin Rees to complete his brilliant dark comedy short Speculate to Accumulate, and now we are happy to announce another project.

Hefin Rees has directed a variety of Welsh language TV shows such as Gwaith Cartref and Pobol y Cwm. He’s now looking to develop more of his English language content and to make the leap into feature films. In doing so he has developed two great short film projects.

Speculate to Accumulate follows one man’s mission to decide if giving up his only can of tuna is worth doing so to try and locate a missing cat in the local community. Using the tuna and finding the cat could lead him to a mini windfall as he claims the reward money, but not finding the cat could be a waste of essential sustenance in these tough times.

Eternal Flame has been written by DJ, musician and actor Gareth Potter, with whom Hefin has worked before. The idea follows two middle aged siblings that share a car journey to collect their late father’s death certificate and reconnect in the process. Another great little drama with dark comedy tones. Gareth with be starring alongside Carys Eleri.

Whilst Speculate to Accumulate is almost completed, FSF and Vale Productions are planning to shoot Eternal Flame this week in the Rhondda Cynon Taff. Keep checking back on Facebook to see live updates and plenty of photos.