Our short film collaboration with Vale Productions and Digital Production Pro ‘Dying Light’ is coming together nicely. Our VFX genius Tony Rowlands has been slaving away over a hot computer to create the amazing VFX elements to add to the amazing real action footage captured by Keefa Chan on his Red Epic Dragon.


Matte_01 Matte_02 Matte_03

The above screen grabs show how the shot looked when captured in the camera, and then how Tony has added his magic touch to make the sky moody and filled with the glow of bombs exploding over a nearby city. This will help us bring home the horrors of World War Two and the Luftwaffe bombing campaigns over British cities.

Window_01 Window_02 Window_03 Window_04 Window_05

The above images are taken from our green screen shoot with the boys looking out of a window. Tony has taken the green screen footage and added in the windows, reflections and a little touch of magic to make it feel real.

Tony is currently working on the aeroplane chase sequence and we hope to have more to show you soon.