Our Dan has been out and about in London armed with the Samsung Gear 360˚ camera captured a range of videos and time lapses. Below are some of the images taken from his footage.

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We’ve gone through some of the footage we captured in the early days of us using the Samsung Gear 360˚ camera and found this amazing 360˚ video of Stereophonics performing ‘C’est La Vie’ to open their Keep The Summer Alive Tour in Cardiff.

We’ve stitched it, given it a polish and decided to share it with the world for a bit of fun.

And here’s the YouTube video.


As an amazing summer of football comes to an end this evening with the Euro 2016 Final in Paris we’ve put together a 360˚ video of how the tournament came to a close for Wales.

As the Welsh adventure came to an end in Lyon against Ronaldo and Portugal most supporters weren’t sad, rather proud at how far Wales progressed in a tough tournament. Our Dan was there with his 360˚ camera documenting his journey and sharing his experiences. Singing in the street, drinking in the sun and supporting his heroes he shares all in our latest video. Once the tournament closed for the Welsh Dan returned to Cardiff and along with over 200,000 others welcomed home Coleman, Bale, Ramsey, Gunter and the rest of the boys.

The video can be seen here on Wales Online’s Facebook page.

Our Dan has been filming everything and anything in 360˚ whilst following Wales at Euro 2016. From Wales fans singing in the streets to an update half way up the Eiffel Tower, from the Welsh national anthem to grown men crying – he’s captured the feelings of those Welsh fans who have made the journey to France.

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Our Dan is over in France at UEFA Euro 2016 filming with our 360˚ camera! He’s been one of the Wales fans in amongst the crowds singing, drinking, having fun with the locals and supporting his country – filming it all to make an innovative 360˚ documentary from a fan’s point of view.

Dan is uploading regular videos to one of our project pages on Facebook – When Pele Broke Our Hearts. Follow his story on social media. Dan is also providing 360˚ content for Wales Online’s Facebook page as well as fan updates for Heart Wales and Capital FM news.

Over the weeks after the tournament Dan will be working on the edit and creating a 25 minute documentary from his footage – making sure to provide an engaging and immersive delivery method following a great story of Wales fans in France.

Here at Focus Shift Films we have just taken delivery of our new 360˚ camera – the Samsung Gear VR 360˚. This compact, but powerful camera is one of the best on the market and now offers more efficient workflows with high quality output – meaning that we can provide 360˚ services at a much better rate and with quicker turnaround than is offered by content creators using the Go Pro set up.

You can not only preview your shot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 before you hit record, but can also adjust ISO, exposure, white balance and then view during the filming. You can then watch not he S7 during recording and it’ll stitch the footage right away so you can watch it back as you intend to use and know that you have the shot in the can before you move on – all of this isn’t possible with the Go Pro rig!

We will have test videos and content going out over the next few days – so keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to!

The new teaser trailer for our short film ‘Dying Light’ is now live and ready to watch!



Director Luke Andrews has been locked away in the edit suite pulling together the footage and piecing together a trailer which gives a great insight into the story, the characters and the lives of those living in this rural community during World War Two.

This teaser trailer will be shared far and wide as we look to engage with our audience and engage people further with our story. We have been sharing screen grabs from the footage, as well as behind the scenes photos and videos from our 4 day shoot in Goodrich and Blaenavon – now it’s time to share something new and exciting. Feel free to share the video, comment on the YouTube video and send us your feedback.


Our Dan has been writing for Flickering Myth again and this time it’s his experiences shooting and directing 360˚ video that has fuelled his creative juices. 360˚ video is the next big thing in content creation, but there’s a lot of content with varying levels of quality out there! Our Dan talks us through the good, the bad and the ugly of 360˚ video.

Read the full article here. 


We have completed a new edit of Save Our Male Voice Choirs. The new 55 minute version of the film focusses mainly on Blaeanvon Male Voice Choir, but also features a range of other choirs as well as Rhydian, Sophie Evans, Cor Glanaethwy MD Cefin Roberts and Tim Rhys-Evans of Only Men Aloud and Only Boys Aloud. This version also has a new voice over narrated by Welsh rugby legend Gerald Davies MBE DL.

The new version of the film is aimed more at the TV market and follows the story of Blaenavon MVC in order to keep the narrative with their struggle to engage with younger people and their drive to recruit new choristers. This leaner version will hopefully attract attention through several festivals including Carmarthen Bay Film Festival and the Welsh International Documentary Festival.






Pre-visualise Film and TV Production.

The new Digital Production Pro Studio software is ready to be used and we are happy to be working with Veesus and OR3D to deliver this new software to be used for pre-visualisation and planning of film and TV productions.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 14.11.25 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 14.06.23 Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 14.09.52

Using 3D laser scanning to capture high quality and accurate cloud point data representations of locations the DPP Studio software allows filmmakers to move through a 3D environment, to choose their camera shots, block their actors movements and plan their production in greater detail.

To find out more visit www.digitalproductionpro.com