360˚ VIDEO

Watch embedded videos using Google Chrome for full 360˚ experience.

360˚ video is great for capturing events, shows or moments in an immersive and engaging way. 360˚ content uploads easily into YouTube and Facebook 360˚ players meaning that anyone can view your content on their mobile device or computer. The 360˚ content can also be viewed using Virtual Reality devices such as the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Focus Shift Films can plan, shoot, direct, edit and deliver your 360˚ project to any platform, or we can shoot the content and deliver it to your team for inclusion in a larger project. Our experienced team have shot or directed 360˚ content for Adidas, Visit Wales, BBC Wales, MMP Global, Orchard, the Welsh Rugby Union, Pfizer, Superdrug, Hexagon, Zip World, Blaenavon Male Voice Choir and Atticus Digital.

The Welsh Football Trust 360˚


Focus Shift Films were allowed to roam around The Welsh Football Trust’s Dragon Park with a 360˚ camera and to capture the current Under 16’s Victory Shield training. In this all access tour of the FAW’s latest facilities we see everything from tactics to skills and tricks

360˚ MAGIC


Focus Shift Films have been on the streets of Cardiff with magician Adam James Reeves to shoot some 360˚ magic. Can you spot how Adam swaps the cards?

CWCW ‘FAR OUT’ in 360˚


Focus Shift Films recently produced this live performance 360˚ video of CwCw performing their new track ‘Far Out’ in the recording studio. This talented new band have new content coming soon and this is the first of it.



Focus Shift Films have created this 360˚ time lapse video of the sunset at Cadw’s Tintern Abbey site. One of the UK’s most haunted locations has been captured in this beautiful video and shared on Wales Online’s Facebook page.

When Pele Broke Our Hearts 360˚ – Part 1 Bordeaux
Dan arrives in France and takes in Wales’ first tournament game for 58 years.



Daniel J. Harris has created a 360˚ documentary project around his adventure following Wales at the UEFA Euro 2016 Championships in France. Dan uploaded daily bite size content to our Facebook via our page When Pele Broke Our Hearts as well as providing 360˚ content for Wales Online. The film provides a unique 360˚ video documentary of what it’s like to be a Welsh football fan at the country’s first tournament for 58 years. This unique way of telling the story is building an audience and getting lots of traction with fans in France, at home in Wales and across the globe. Dan has featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, ITV News twice, BBC Radio Wales and Heart Wales FM through this project.

When Pele Broke Our Hearts 360˚ – Part 2 Lens,
Paris & Toulouse

Dan heads to the England game without a ticket and then onto Paris to drown his sorrows before the final group game against Russia.

When Pele Broke Our Hearts 360˚ – Part 3 Last
16 & Quarter Finals

Dan continues his adventure in Paris to see Wales play Northern Ireland before heading onto Lille for the Quarter Final against Belgium and the greatest night of his life.

When Pele Broke Our Hearts 360˚ – Part 4 Semi
Finals & Home Coming

Dan’s adventure comes to an end as Wales lose to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in Lyon and he heads home to welcome his heroes back to Wales.


EURO 2016 360˚ CONTENT

Our 360 Director Daniel J. Harris has also been creating 360˚ content for Wales’ biggest media outlet, Wales Online. Dan has captured the Welsh national anthem before the Wales vs. Slovakia game in Bordeaux, which has so far gather over 460,000 views, as well as 360˚ videos of the Welsh fans enjoying the journey at Euro 2016 and a special video around the quarter finals.

Watch the Welsh National Anthem here.


We’ve been in London capturing 360˚ content for Blend Media and have created these two 360˚ time lapse shots of famous London landmarks. A 360˚ time lapse offers a unique view point of a location and provides a great experience for audiences. These 360˚ videos and more can now be licensed from Blend Media.

Piccadilly Circus, London – 360˚ Time Lapse
Tower Bridge, London – 360˚ Time Lapse
A Greek beach in the early morning sunshine.
n the early morning sunshine.


We’ve been in Greece capturing these amazing videos of beautiful beaches and a peaceful swimming pool in the sunshine. 360˚ brings to life these videos and if viewing in a Samsung Gear VR headset offer the user the feeling of being there. Perfect for advertising any holiday destination or location.

A peaceful private pool in the midday Greek sun.
A quiet Greek beach just before sunset.

Stereophonics ‘C’est La Vie’

This 360˚ video was captured at the Stereophonics’ Keep The Summer Alive Tour at the Cardiff City Stadium. ‘Chest La Vie’ was the opening track performed by the band and the crowd loved it. The video was captured on the Samsung Gear VR 360˚ camera and has been colour graded to bring to life the image.

Watch in a Google Chrome browser for the full 360˚ experience.


Stereophonics ‘Too Many Sandwiches’ and ‘More Life in a Tramp’s Vest’ in 360˚

Stereophonics ‘Too Many Sandwiches’ and ‘More Life in a Tramp’s Vest’ were dedicated to former drummer Stuart Cable and the crowd loved it. The video was captured on the Samsung Gear VR 360˚ camera and is hasn’t been edited, graded or had the stitching adjusted.

Watch in a Google Chrome browser for the full 360˚ experience.


The Barn at West Farm were very happy with a 360˚ tour of their venue as it was set up for a wedding that day. The video takes viewers from room to room and allows them to explore each room – some from multiple view points

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