About Us

Focus Shift Films want to change the way that stories from indie, unheard and underserved voices reach their audiences. Whether it’s the format, the platform or the route to market – there are better ways of telling these stories. Focus Shift Films exists to disrupt traditional funding models and routes to market in order to provide a better platform for indie filmmakers with new stories that push for social change.


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Global Welsh

We’re proud to say that we are Global Welsh Pioneers helping to promote Welsh business across the world.


We are very proud to announce that our short film Fire In My Heart has been nominated for the BAFTA Cymru Awards in the Best Short Film Category. A huge thanks to the team and our partners on this project – Hefin Rees, Gareth Potter, Carys Eleri, Steven Davies, Jill James, Adam Chestnutt, Sophie Edwards, Vale Productions, Film Cafe & Lowlife Lowloaders.